Sunday Congregation

What can you expect from a Sunday morning service?

The atmosphere is quite laid back – we have no dress code but most people are very casually dressed. Children are welcome to come and participate.  We meet in the Summerfield Centre, 21 Smith Street, G14 0RX in the heart of Whiteinch

The service itself is quite free-flowing, but you can expect most of the following:

Worship – our worship is mostly modern music, although some traditional hymns and choruses are used. We have been influenced by a wide variety of sources, including Matt Redman, Hillsongs, Vineyard and more. The service usually begins with 20-25 minutes of worship. During this time, we encourage people to participate not only by singing, but also with art, dance, flag-waving and anything else that helps you express your praise and worship to Jesus.

Prayer Time – we pray corporately every week, on a rotation of topics, namely the local area, Glasgow, Scotland and the world, focusing on different areas, such as politics, churches, or businesses. Sometimes this is done as a whole church, other times in small groups.

Sermon – most weeks Laura, our minister, will be preaching and bringing us the Word of God. See here for a catalogue of past sermons.

Communion – we celebrate communion at least once a month and all who believe in Christ and His work on the cross are welcome to participate.

Offering – we do take an offering as an act of worship during our service, but visitors are not expected to give.

Ministry – we have a dedicated ministry team who will offer prayer to those who desire it at the end of the service.

Participation – we encourage everyone to participate in the service, and bring a testimony, a word, a song, or anything to encourage and build up the body of Christ. If you believe you have something you wish to share with the church, then please approach whoever it is who is leading the service that day.

Other Activities

We have a wide range of activities that we run or are involved in. We have ongoing work with children and young people, plus a burgeoning men’s ministry. We also encourage people to be involved in our small group ministry. Small groups usually meet twice a month, and each group has it’s own flavour. To find out more, or if you would like to visit a small group, please contact us .
If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us . We look forward to meeting you boom