Iris Hall

Long ago, when Whiteinch Fellowship was a very new venture, our minister Alan asked me what I enjoyed doing. He said “I like football. I love following my team and going to the game on a Saturday. What do you like to do Iris?” My reply was “I like to pray”. Prayer gives me joy, peace, everything I need to live. It’s how I relate to Jesus and keeps me close to Abba’s heart. Through prayer and Biblical meditation I’ve also found greater depth of relationship with Holy Spirit. 

Meeting and praying with people from different places, churches and cultures throughout Scotland I’ve continued learning to pray. I’ve been mentored and trained by marvellous men and women of God and through it all God has changed me and also my prayer life.

I long to see the Church spiritually healthy, vibrant in prayer, being built up as together we run hard towards the goal giving it all we’ve got to win the prize.

I would love to share and teach what we can of what we’ve learned over the years. We anticipate joyful, thriving prayer lives as we continue to grow together. Do come, taste and see what God will do with us as we seek His ways.